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Roofing Services Throughout Southern California

Fascia Repair – The fascia is the frieze under a roof that creates a visually appealing surface to the observer below. Besides looking very attractive, they also serve to protect the underbelly of the sheath from water damage. This will often be the first part of a roof to receive damage if poorly installed and we offer repair and replacement services.

Sheathing Repair – The skeleton of any rooftop, the sheathing is the wooden surface that separates the room below from the actual roof itself. A stable sheath will keep the roof sturdy and safe for years to come. With sheathing repair, we offer partial and complete repair and replacement services. We also offer consultations if you wish to test the integrity of the foundation.

Roof Repair and Maintenance – The most commonly requested service of our business. We offer roof repair services and maintenance plans. If you wish to ensure that your roof is healthy and safe every year, we offer maintenance services to verify the integrity of your roof and ceiling. Each of our roof repair services comes with a minimum one-year warranty.

Roof Replacement – Our roof replacement and re-roofing program are complete overhauls of your rooftop. Our team of experts will review your rooftop and quote you on which parts of your roof will be required for replacement. The service can range anywhere from less than one week, up to two weeks and come with a ten-year labor warranty.

Roof Certifications – If you are hoping to raise the market value of your home, one of the easiest ways is to have your roof recertified. We offer two-year roof certifications which will help increase the market value or help to refinancing your home.


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